Colds, Flu and Allergies

This is a big subject and where most people first meet Homeopathy, this and muscle pain.  But to continue on, Homeopathy can do wonders for colds and flu and allergies, if you know what you are doing.

I once had an appointment with a Chiropractor a while back.  Very nice man.  He liked to talk and once he found out I was a homeopath he started asking all kinds of questions.  At one point while he had me bent like a pretzel, he began telling me about a friend of his who had a bad cold at a summer picnic with a group of other natural health professionals.  Someone in the group pulled out a small tube of tiny pills and gave his friend with the cold a cap full of the tiny pills.  Soon the friend reported that he was feeling better and by the end of the afternoon, his cold was almost completely gone.  My Chiropractor, being the inquisitive type wanted to know more about this magic he had just witnessed so he asked what were the tiny pills.  He was told that it was Allium Cepa, a Homeopathic remedy that helps with runny eyes and runny nose.

Allium Cepa, or red onion that has been homeopathicly prepared, works very well in reversing the effects of runny eyes and runny nose if the tears are burning and the nasal discharge is bland.  If it it the other way around, the nasal discharge is burning and the tears are bland that is another remedy all together.

For most people, if there is a good health care store in the neighborhood that carries a large variety of things, you can usually find a cold relief mixture that will contain all the right things to help relieve your symptoms.

HINT: Don’t wait too long.  If you catch it early it is easier to fix.

Flu: if you feel flu symptoms coming on, don’t wait.  Grab a box of Oscillococcinum.  It will help with aches, fever and other flu symptoms.  It may not fix it completely but it will cut the time and severity of the flu.

Allergies: Allergies can be a real pain in the behind.  If you know what you are allergic to it really helps.  Again hit the health care store and see if they have any allergy drops.  Here in Texas where I live, we have a season called Cedar Fever season.  It lasts from October to March and everyone who suffers from it, 90% of the population, everyone else just moved here, has constant nasal dripping and usually cough and just a nasty run down feeling.  So innovative Homeopaths have come up with Seasonal Allergy formulas that have a homeopathicly prepared bit of common antigens.  Look for one of these that covers what you are allergic to.  They really work.

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